About me

Hi! I am a PhD Student in the Computational Intelligence group in Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, supervised by Jakub Tomczak, Max Welling (UvA) and Guszti Eiben. Previously I did intenships in NVIDIA in Moscow, Qualcomm AI Reserch in Amsterdam and Microsoft AI4Sciencein Cambridge.

The topic of my PhD is Continual learning and Deep Generative Modeling for Adaptive Systems. I am also excited about applications of deep generative models to healthcare and science.

My PhD is funded by the Hybrid Intelligence center.

In my free time I enjoy dancing (ballet and jazz), playing the piano and running.


  • May 2023 I’ve started internship in Miscrosoft AI4Science team.
  • November 2022 I gave a talk at Danish Data Science Conference (parallel session on generative models). (Slides)
  • September 2022 Two papers (1, 2) accepted to NeurIPS 2022!
  • June 2022 I’ve attended ProbAI summer school and participated in the poster session.
  • May 2022 A paper accepted to ICML 2022!
  • January 2022 A paper accepted to ICLR 2022!
  • October 2021 I’ve finished my first half-marathon in 1:50:54
  • September 2021 A paper accepted to NeurIPS 2021!
  • July 2021 I’ve started my internship in Qualcomm, Wireless AI team
  • September 2020 I’ve started my PhD in VU Amsterdam