Deep Learning, TA

Fall 2020, 2021, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Masters course on Deep Learning. Course Page.
I conducted weekly consultations for students and was checking assignments.

Machine Learning, Lecturer

MOOC, HSE, Master of Data Science
Online Masters Degree Course on Machine Learning.
I developed and recorded online lectures, automatically graded programming assignments and quizzes.

Data Culture, Lecturer

Spring 2020, HSE, Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs
Bachelor course on introduction to data analysis and programming on python.
I was developing and delivering weekly lectures, practical tutorials and assignments.

Bayesian Methods in Machine Learning, TA

Fall 2019, Skoltech, Data Science
Masters course on Bayesian Methods in ML, including Deep Bayesian Methods
I delivered several practical tutorials, helped developing and checking home assignments.

Data Science in Economics, Class Teacher

Fall 2018 and 2019, HSE, International College of Economics and Finance
Bachelor course on introduction to data science and programming in R.
I delivered weekly practical tutorials, was developing and checking assignments.

Digital Literacy, Class Teacher

Spring 2018, HSE
Bachelor course on digital literacy (MS office, RegEx, Bibliography and Reference Management, etc.) for students from humanitarian faculties.
I was developing and delivering weekly practical tutorials.